When I first witnessed Parker Hastings in a performance setting I was a struck immediately by his presence, composure, and skill. There was nothing to get in the way of the music flowing out of him directly to the hearts of his audience. To see this in such a young player is rare, and I knew then that he had a great career ahead and so many were going to be sharing his abundant gifts in the future. He is a true guitar artist!” - John Jorgenson - The Hellicasters, Elton John, Desert Rose Band

About Parker Hastings

In the verdant hills of Kentucky, where the echoes of bluegrass legends and the soulful twang of country music linger in the air, emerges Parker Hastings, a gifted guitar player, singer, and songwriter. With calloused fingertips and a heart full of stories, Parker weaves a musical tapestry that spans the genres of country, bluegrass, and Americana, paying homage to the rich musical heritage of Kentucky music while carving a path uniquely his own. Raised in the heartland of bluegrass and Appalachian music, Parker's journey with melodies began before he could really remember, listening wide-eyed and intently anytime he was around music. Inspired by the likes of Chet Atkins, Steve Wariner, James Taylor, and many others, he started his first guitar lessons at the age of six, his fingers quickly picking up the techniques as if guided by an unseen force. 

Parker's smooth voice helps carry the stories he tells – tales of happiness, heartbreak, and the transition from rural to urban life as a musician. His guitar playing is a mesmerizing blend of intricate picking and soulful melodies, evoking the beauty of authentic music and the timeless traditions of fingerstyle guitar. Having performed since the age of 11, Parker Hastings has become a mainstay in the local music scene, captivating audiences with his heartfelt performances and genuine, down-to-earth demeanor. He's not just a musician; he's a storyteller, who carries the legacy of his musical roots into every note he plays and sings. 

In the intimate setting of a small acoustic venue or the grandeur of a festival stage, Parker's music invites listeners to journey through the heart of America, where the lines between genres blur and the essence of true, authentic music is found. As he plays his guitar and lets his voice soar, he invites you to join him on a musical experience, exploring the roots of Kentucky music and  one heartfelt song at a time. His latest project "Kentucky Sunshine" tells many of these stories, and is out everywhere now.

 Awards and Accomplishments:

2023 Recording of The Year, National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame 

2023 Artist in Residence, Kentucky Music Hall of Fame 

2018 "Thumbpicker of the Year" by National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame  

2018 1st Place Winner at the Wayne Henderson Festival and Competition 

2017 Recording of the Year for "Breezin' Through Life" by National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame  

2017 1st Place Winner Renfro Valley Talent Contest  

2016 Recording of the Year for "Whimsical Smiles" by National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame  

2015 "Thumbpicker of the Year" by National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame  

2014 Grand Champion in Home of the Legends Thumbpicking Contest  

2014 Horizon Award Winner by National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame 


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